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GRAPHITE is a broad offer of power tools and power tool accessories, created with advanced renovation, building and woodworking jobs in mind.

Amateurs and professionals alike will find various solutions in the GRAPHITE brand that are necessary in drilling, demolition, cutting, sawing, grinding and sanding and many other jobs with widely used materials, like concrete, brick, cardboard, gypsum, wood, glaze, ceramics, glass, plastics, non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals and precious metals.

Products are designed for heavy use with professional-like loads.

That is why we recommend GRAPHITE to demanding tinkerers, who work at home and to professionals, who carry out additional works and basic jobs at moderate loads and intensity of use.

Drill press 350W, 230V, 50Hz,
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Drill press 350W, 230V, 50Hz,Drill press 350W, 230V, 50Hz,

Drill press 350W, 230V, 50Hz,

5 speeds: 580-2650 r.p.m. , chuck 13mm, laser, drill height 720mm
Serial number Parameters In the storehouse Number Price
TO59G893 5 134.07 GBP
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