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Topex-tools guarantees quality of the offered products and confirms it by European Quality and Safety Certificates.

In case of possible product faults and damages which are due to the fault of the product manufacturer, in the moment of product delivery of within 2 years since the purchase of the product, M-Craft guarantees return, repair or exchange of the product depending on the customer’s wishes.



Warranty applies to the product only in case all below mentioned conditions are satisfied:


  • Product has been used according to its purpose
  • Customer is able to provide warranty certificate as well as receipt or an invoice for the purchase of the product.
  • Product usage guidelines according to the product user manual have been followed.
  • Product has not been repaired since its purchase.  
  • Damages to the products are not caused by natural disasters, fires, have no sign of accidental or deliberate mechanical damage and have not been caused by other usage factors.
  •  Damages to the product have not been caused by the inappropriate standards of electrical chains, telecommunication chains, cable connection and other external factors.



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